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Alex and Sierra

you’d be like…trying to chop down a tree with a banana.
-Simon Cowell (via spyrosapyro)


shes going to be the one that will “change our lives”

Perhaps the biggest success story in the making, X Factor Season 2 manufactured girl group, Fifth Harmony, has experienced both continued radio success with their rising single, “Miss Movin’ On,” as well as much hype for their debut EP, Better Together. Signed to a deal with both Syco Entertainment and Epic Records, 5H is poised for pop domination, so long as the material on their highly anticipated EP delivers. Fifth Harmony is currently the opening act on Cher Lloyd’s I Wish Tour.
- (via nickis-mybitch)
Simon: You're like a llama in a petting area...
Demi: What are you talking about?!


I can’t watch X Factor yet bc my almost 18 year old brother is obsessed with Ariana Grande and he’s watching a movie shes in that he recorded the other day


I’m watching all of Alex & Sierra’s covers…

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